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Be part of the next chapter in the history of the Château de Mazan. Enjoy a unique and refined experience with family, friends or as a couple at this charming hotel at the foot of Mont Ventoux.

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At the foot of Mont Ventoux in Mazan
A château steeped in history

Discover this emblematic place
The former seat of the de Sade family

The Château de Mazan was built in 1715 by the famous Franque brothers. It would go on to be the birthplace of the Marquis de Sade’s father as well as his uncle, the famous Abbé de Sade. The Abbé played a decisive role in the life of the Marquis, taking charge of his education for six years. The Marquis de Sade spent most of his life in Paris, but stayed at the Château de Mazan on several occasions. In 1772, the Marquis organised one of the first theatre festivals in France in the gardens. During the Revolution, the Marquis de Sade was declared an “undesirable” in Mazan, some family archives were destroyed and part of the château was damaged. The Château de Mazan remained the property of the de Sade family until 1850. 

After 1850 Changing hands

In 1850, the Château de Mazan ceased to be the property of the de Sade family. It became a private residence, then a religious school, before becoming a nursing home from 1923 to 1999. After being left uninhabited for a brief period, the Château de Mazan was bought in 2001 by the Lhermie family who transformed it into a luxury hotel.

Since 2019 A major renovation

Now a 4-star hotel, the Château de Mazan was bought in 2019 by the independent French hotel group Elegant Properties Collection. Under the leadership of Franck Jaulneau, director and partner of the group, and architect Claire Annicchiarico, the château underwent a major renovation to restore of its former beauty, authenticity and elegance with a touch of modernity. The keywords of the renovation were: “18th-century château”, “Provence” and “2020”. 

Reopening in 2020 A new chapter in history

From now on, it’s up to you to write the next chapter in the history of the Château de Mazan. Having become the charming château hotel at Mont Ventoux that you see today, the Château de Mazan continues to endure through the ages. Its history is written with every guest that walks through its doors. Your stays, excursions, travels and experiences will continue to bring to life this timeless château.